Our Beliefs

We agree with the CCCC Statement of Faith. … We also seek to live out the CCCC’s Seven Guiding Values.

Our Facility

The Sanctuary was built and dedicated in 1828. A more recent addition includes a kitchen, two bathrooms, and the Fellowship Hall. See pictures …

Our Ministries

Our ministry focus is on Worshiping and glorifying God. We do this by praising Him, trusting Him, and obeying Him. That means that prayer – which is how we communicate with God – undergirds everything we do. Sharing the good news of God’s love and the salvation He offers. This ministry of evangelism is carried […]

Our Web Site

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Testimonies to God’s goodness and faithfulness! Have a testimony you’d like to share? Send an e-mail to info@loudoncongregational.org with your testimony.  

The Cemeteries

Moore Cemetery and Mount Hope Cemetery are overseen by the Town of Loudon, not the church. … However, Pastor Moe is happy to perform funerals, etc. at the church or another location, regardless of whether the deceased or family has any affiliation with this or any church. … The church’s fellowship hall is also available for gatherings on a donation basis as scheduling permits.