As of June 2017 active discipleship has mostly been one-on-one or before/after prayer meetings and worship services. Possible upcoming studies include:

  • Foundations (by Christian Healing Ministries)
  • Experiencing God (perhaps the shorter 8 week / 7-step version)
  • Reconciling Everyday Conflict (from Peacemakers Ministries)
  • The Gospel of John Challenge
  • I Will: Nine Traits of the Outwardly Focused Christian by Thom Rainer

Studies in the last few years have focused on forgiveness, peacemaking, and steps to freedom. These prior studies included:

  • The Gospel of John Challenge (Fall 2014): A 9 week / 10 meeting study from launch to final session. The Gospel of John has 21 chapters and emphasizes God’s love. Participants read a chapter of John each day and meet weekly to discuss it. After 3 weeks everyone has read the entire Gospel of John, and is encouraged to choose a different Bible Translation or Audio Version and do the same thing for the next 3 weeks. Another version is suggested for the final 3 weeks. New insights are gained in each reading of this book, and an increased understanding of the heart God has for His children – His love for us.
  • Victory over the Darkness by Neil T. Anderson (Feb-Mar 2015).
  • Resolving Everyday Conflict by Peacemaker Ministries (Mar-Jul 2015): Here is a link to an updated version of Resolving Everyday Conflict.
  • Apologetix parodies (Summer 2015): A fun study – each week that we met, we listened to a song by the Christian parody band, Apologetix, and then discussed it.
  • The Bondage Breaker (Part I) by Neil T. Anderson (Fall 2015).
  • Selected Talks from IGNITE 2015 (Advent (Nov/Dec) 2015): Listened to Judith MacNutt’s talk on Mercy (split into 2 weeks), and then to R.T. Kendall’s talk on How to Forgive Totally (split into 2 weeks) and joined together in pledging to forgive totally as led. (See this article on How to Totally Forgive.)
  • The Bondage Breaker (Part II – The Believer’s Position, Authority, and Protection in Christ) by Neil T. Anderson (Jan-Mar 2016).
  • The Bondage Breaker (Part III – The Steps to Freedom in Christ) by Neil T. Anderson (Mar- Jun 2016).