Additional events not shown on our Calendar or listed under Featured Events in the side-bar to the right…

Upcoming Events and Opportunities:

Ignite 2018 featuring Judith MacNutt & J. Lee Grady with worship leader Kelanie Gloecker, June 20-23, Burlington, VT.

July 19-22 Raceway Ministry. NASCAR is back in NH and Rise Again Outreach will be there to provide our community with God’s love and support. We drive golf carts, hold church services for the drivers and fans; we cook & prepare meals for our hard working volunteers, provide concierge services for attendees, and always have fun running the well-beloved Pinewood Derby for all the children (18 and under!).  So if you have never been an RAO volunteer before, make this the year you roll up your sleeves and say, “I GET TO serve our Lord, today!”

CCCC Annual Gathering Jul. 31 – Aug. 3 at Gordon College in Wenham, MA. Theme: developing a culture of peace. Early Reg by May 25th.

SOULFEST in Guilford, NH Aug. 2-4.

40 Days of Love Sept. 9 – Oct 18.

10 Days of Prayer Sept. 9-19 in various locations. Visit for details.

Restore & Revive Sept. 20-23 in Northfield, MA. Expect details to be posted to

Hope for Healing of Depression, Oct. 13 in Kingston, NH. Expect details to be posted to

Finishing Life’s Journey Well Oct. 27 in Kingston, NH. Expect details to be posted to