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Congregational Worship at LCC: what to expect …

Time: We meet at 9:30AM on Sundays for worship services, although sometimes we begin a bit late.

Dress: Different people dress differently; some wear jeans or shorts, others get more dressed up.

Music: The style of the music in our worship services is considered “blended” in that it includes both traditional hymns and some more contemporary music.

Communion: We celebrate Communion (The Lord’s Supper) monthly, on the first Sunday of the month. Any baptized and believing Christian is welcome to partake.

Healing Prayer: We offer a time when people may receive prayer for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing on the third Sunday of the month, after the sermon. We also offer healing prayer by request.

Offerings: We collect an offering during worship services on Sunday morning, but visitors are not expected to contribute.

  • During the offering we also collect Prayer/Praise cards. Anyone can submit a card with prayer requests, praises, or both. These joys and concerns are prayed for during the Pastoral Prayer portion of the service.
  • On the first Sunday of the month we take up a second collection for the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference.

Location: Although we generally worship in the Sanctuary, during the colder winter months we meet in the Fellowship Hall. The Fellowship Hall is the addition to the right of the Sanctuary, and may be entered either through the Sanctuary or through its own entrances.

Accessibility: A ramp walkway leads to the door between the Sanctuary (the left side of the building) and the Fellowship Hall (on the right), providing easy access to both without stairs.

Worship service format: Interactive Liturgy is important to us. In addition to singing and giving offerings, the congregation also responds to God via:

  • A responsive or unison reading at the beginning of worship.
  • Reciting the Lord’s Prayer together. This is the prayer from Matthew 6:9-13 that begins with “Our Father”.

Sample order of worship for a communion SundayLCC-Bulletin_2017-02-05-sample.pdf (link opens in a new tab).