Conquering Fear Study

Conquering Fear: A Thirty-One Day Guide to Overcoming the Stronghold of Fear is a book (Latte Brothers Communications, 2011, ISBN 9780983486916) by Dr. Roger L. Frye of Pathway to Freedom Ministries International.

Conquering Fear explains the stronghold of fear — in its many aspects — AND how to break free from it.  Conquering Fear covers many forms of fear, and includes a prayer at the end of each short chapter.  Pray the prayers from your heart!  Renew your mind by dwelling on God’s word and resting on His promises!  And you, too, can overcome the stronghold of fear in your life.

1: Freedom from Fear5-12
2: The Battle Ground13-16
3: Fear versus Peace17-22
4: Anxiety23-29
5: Worry31-35
6: Inadequacy and Inferiority37-40
7: Fear of Rejection41-47
8: Fear of Abandonment49-52
9: Fear of Another’s Word53-55
10: Fear of Bad News57-59
11: Fear of Death61-64
12: Panic Attacks65-74
13: Fear of Failure75-78
14: Fear of [God's] Judgment79-82
15: Fear of Lack or Poverty83-87
16: Fear of Natural Disasters89-93
17: Fear of Persecution95-99
18: Fear of Public Speaking101-104
19: Fear versus Love105-111
20: Fear versus Faith113-118
21: Nightmares119-122
22: Perfectionism123-125
23: Phobias127-131
24: Fear of the Retaliation of the Enemy133-138
25: Fear - Faith139-141
26: Fear of Wasted Years143-144
27: Fear and Envy / Jealousy145-150
28: Fear and Divination151-159
29: Many Forms of Fear161-165
30: Get to the Root167-169
31: The Fear of the Lord171-174
32: Closing Remarks175-176