LCC Prays with NH Prays

LCC Prays with NH Prays / America Prays / World Prays

In March 2018, we joined the America Prays movement, covering the nation in unceasing prayer for spiritual awakening. Specifically, we signed up with New England Prays, and take turns praying (generally from home), to cover the 6 hour period from midnight to 6am on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Time slots are 30 minutes in length, although after people have tried it they often sign up for more, finding that the time flies by!

One Hope Network has a resource on Ways to Pray for an Hour which some have found helpful.

Both America Prays and World Prays share the 7 areas of Prayer Focus as part of their Resources.  The 7 areas are listed on the America Prays Focus page.  You may wish to use these as prayer points as you pray.

An overview of America Prays is available in AmericaPrays_2020_insert (PDF file).  See also the original information at the AmericaPrays website.

For inspiration, check out this video on how the movement began (click on the play button next to the words, “Our Story”.  Here’s the direct link if you have trouble finding it.