Corporate Fast Day for NH

January 26, 2022 all-day
NH Cornerstone


T O F A S T & T O P R A Y

Will you consider taking
one mealtime, one day, three days, or a week
to corporately FAST & PRAY for New Hampshire
sometime between now and January 31st?

Will you join us on Wednesday, January 26th,
for a corporate FAST DAY for NH?

New Hampshire has the longest-running and best history of a civil-government-proclaimed Fast Day of any of the states!

In advance of the Province of NH’s General Assembly meeting to take place on March 16, 1680, the Provincial Council declared February 26th to be a “day of humiliation,” to ask God to “bless us with peace & prosperitie”, to favor the upcoming meeting, and to “favor spring & seede time.”

That yearly proclamation of a Fast Day would continue well into New Hampshire’s statehood. Recognizing “absolute dependence on the Providence of an Almighty and beneficent Creator,” governors like Gov. Samuel Dinsmoor in 1850 would encourage Granite Staters to “pray that [God] would have mercy on the land in which we live…; that [He] who has so long shielded our beloved country from the perils that have best it, would still interpose in its behalf…the blessings of our national Union and again unite our whole people in the bonds of fraternity and good will” (see above).

Later on, the General Court (NH Legislature) took up the practice of choosing and proclaiming the Fast Day’s date each year. In 1899, when NH Governor Ramsdell urged the legislature to abolish the proclamation altogether, as was the fashion in other states, the people of New Hampshire responded, and the legislature instead made it a legal holiday!

Until the abolition of the legal holiday in 1991, Fast Day continued in New Hampshire, making it the longest run of a Fast Day in any state.*

Thirty years after its abolition, the need for a statewide Fast Day could not be more acute.

*adapted freely from the NH Almanac/NH State Library

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