Give Cryptocurrency

As explained on the Give page, giving can take many forms (prayer, volunteering, and donating funds, expertise, services or resources).

Cryptocurrency donations are gratefully accepted! There are 2 main ways to donate cryptocurrency to Loudon Congregational Church (LCC):

In both cases the donor advised fund (DAF) will issue the official receipt to be used for tax deduction purposes.

Alternatively, you may want to consider giving to another organization which can accept the type of cryptocurrency you have. We greatly rejoice when other Christian ministries thrive (Romans 12:15)! Shortly before His death, Jesus prayed that we believers would be one so that the world may know that God the Father sent Jesus and that God loves them even as He loved Jesus (John 17:20-23). We are on the same team!

Note also that if the value of your cryptocurrency has decreased (gone down) since you acquired it, it would likely be to your advantage tax-wise to sell the cryptocurrency and then donate the funds directly. However, like any other security or property, if your cryptocurrency has increased in value then you may avoid taxes on the profit by donating that property (cryptocurrency) directly.

Engiven has a few articles explaining further the advantages to donating cryptocurrency, and tax reporting requirements. As noted in the Q&A article, “For crypto donations valued over $500, the donor must file Form 8283 (Noncash Charitable Contributions)”, and if the crypto donation is valued over $5,000, the donee organization needs to sign that form. If you give directly to LCC’s DAF, The Signatry will be glad to assist by signing that paperwork as required!

Give to LCC’s DAF

Many (over 30) types of cryptocurrencies can be donated to our donor advised fund (DAF) at The Signatry. The Signatry has partnered with Engiven to process the transaction. Engiven receives the crypto from the donor’s wallet and immediately converts it to cash and then transfers that cash to The Signatry. The fee charged for this service by Engiven is a flat 2%, but you get credit for the full donation.

The full list of accepted cryptocurrencies, and a link to donate are available here:

When donating, provide a valid e-mail address in order to receive a receipt, and contact us at and/or The Signatry if you don’t receive that receipt within a day, so that we can follow-up. (Sometimes people don’t complete the final step of making the withdrawal / disbursement from their wallet.)

Please be sure, when entering your information, to include the name and number of LCC’s DAF so that The Signatry will know to which fund you are donating. That DAF name and number is:

The Loudon Congregational Giving Fund” (fund #158748)

You may also wish to contact us at so that we can be on the look out for your donation and make sure it is properly credited to LCC’s DAF — and to give you a heartfelt THANK YOU.

Donate to your own DAF, then give to LCC

If your appreciated cryptocurrency is not one of the types supported by Engiven, you may be able to establish a donor advised fund (DAF) with a sponsor who accepts that form of cryptocurrency, donate it to your DAF, and then request a grant from your DAF either directly to Loudon Congregational Church, or to LCC’s donor advised fund at The Signatry.