Give Securities

As explained on the Give page, giving can take many forms (prayer, volunteering, and donating funds, expertise, services or resources).

Donations of securities (stocks, bonds, ETFs, mutual funds) are gratefully accepted! There are 4 main ways to donate securities to Loudon Congregational Church (LCC):

In each case* the organization processing the donation will issue the official receipt to be used for tax deduction purposes. (*Some legacy gifts may be receipted directly by LCC.)

Note also that if the value of your security has decreased (gone down) since you acquired it, it would likely be to your advantage tax-wise to sell the security and then donate the funds directly. However, if your security has increased in value then you may avoid taxes on the profit by donating that security directly.

Give securities via Stock Donator

Stocks held by many different firms can be donated to us via StockDonator using the following link:  Donate Stock To Loudon Congregational Church.  If your brokerage is one supported, StockDonator can handle the process from start to finish, and provide a receipt for tax purposes even if you decide to give anonymously.

This may be the quickest method, and can often be completed entirely online.  The fees charged for this services are described at the Stock Donator Fees page.  (You get credit for the entire donation; these fees slightly reduce the amount received by LCC.)  However, as noted on the Stock Donator Legal page, any dividends or interest accrued while the security is being transferred are not given to LCC.

Give securities via The Signatry

Stocks and mutual funds can also be donated to our donor advised fund,

The Loudon Congregational Giving Fund” (fund #158748),

at The Signatry.  Like StockDonator, The Signatry provides a receipt for tax purposes, but you will need to contact your broker directly to initiate the transfer.  Directions are available at StockNotification_TheSignatry.pdf .

Please contact the The Signatry or the church office for further information on donating stocks, mutual funds, etc. or including the church in your will or trust or as a beneficiary of your account.

Give via your own DAF

Another option is to establish your own donor advised fund (DAF) or a similar vehicle, donate the securities to your DAF, and then request a grant from your DAF either directly to Loudon Congregational Church, or to LCC’s donor advised fund at The Signatry.  Once you have donated securities to your DAF, you would be able to give from it not just to LCC but also to other charities.

For example, suppose you transferred securities worth $10,000 to your own DAF.  You could then recommend grants be made to many different charities, including LCC.  Different DAF sponsors have different rules as far as account minimums, fees, and the size of individual grants to charities.  The DAF sponsor retains control over the gift once they receive it, so it is best to choose one that you trust to carry out your wishes.

Give via a Legacy Gift

Additionally, you may want to plan a future donation as a legacy gift. This process is described in more detail at Plan Your Legacy.