God sent faith-builders

Just after 6:30pm on August 2nd (2017) we were preparing to start the weekly prayer meeting; almost all those who usually attend had arrived. We were concerned about how things might go because of some of what had transpired on Sunday. Praying that day about how to approach things, I realized that it’s too much for people and we needed to pray that the knowledge of God’s goodness and love and forgiveness and bounteous provision would travel from head to heart for each one. A warped image of God was what was causing the lack of faith exhibited by the majority. (And truly I have been there, too, and received much healing for it.)

What’s the “it” that’s too much? Moe wanted to know. Eventually I found the words: facing the giants. The giants are whatever the problems are that seem too big, and they can be different for each person.

So, we had prayerfully prepared, and just as we were about to start, the door opens and in walks someone who had never come before, and someone else, and a whole stream of people followed until there were twice as many newcomers as there were of us. Immediately we welcomed them and announced that to accommodate the crowd we would move from the “living room nook” in the Fellowship Hall to the Sanctuary and headed in that direction.

About two dozen spent the next 50 minutes praying together and singing songs of praise to God. Our congregation was extremely encouraged by the presence of so many from another congregation – a tangible display of God’s love for us – and additionally encouraged by the numerous prophecies they shared with us as led by the Holy Spirit. Moe and I are convinced that through their obedience the (metaphorically-speaking) dry, cracked ground of this little New England church was loosened and softened to receive more of God’s love and blessing, and that strongholds were torn down to enable breakthroughs the following weekends.

Thank you, Faith Tabernacle of Concord, for your love and faithfulness to God and unity with our little group of fellow believers!