Re-united after 200 years

Historically there has been “bad blood” between the church in Loudon Center and our church in Loudon Village. But after much prayer and preparation, the congregations joined together on two consecutive Sunday mornings for Worship Services focused on unity and reconciliation.

First, on August 13, 2017, in recognition of Loudon Old Home Day, we met at our old “home” in Loudon Center, which our respective forebears shared until the church in Loudon Village was built in 1828. Pastor Shirley confessed that over 200 years ago when both of our congregations held services at that site, even their pastors had not gotten along. We shared a wonderful celebration of unity together, including passing the peace and communion.

Then, on August 20, 2017, the Loudon Center Freewill Baptist Church joined our church in the village to continue the celebration of unity. Pastor Moe described the rift that occurred between the two churches in 1828, as the church in the village was being planted, and how our church selfishly reneged on the agreement to share the new building and kicked out all those who believed that God gave people free will to make their own choices. He led all the members of Loudon Congregational Church in confessing these sins and in renouncing the vows in the Pew Deeds that allowed membership only to those believing in predestination. Pastor Shirley pronounced pardon and both churches again shared a wonderful celebration of unity and reconciliation.

Thank you to both congregations for your faithfulness in repairing the old rift and welcoming each other!