Online Giving Support

Thank you for your generosity in advancing God’s work of bringing hope and healing in Loudon and beyond!

Answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQ):

    • I have a general question about giving funds electronically.
      • Visit the Give Online page for some FAQ about online giving, and see also the FAQ below.  If your question is not answered, please Contact Us.


    • Where can I find a record of my giving?
      • For information on viewing your online giving history, visit the View Donation History page.  Please note that gifts via Stock Donator and The Signatry are receipted separately and not included with the rest of the history.


    • I see a charge appearing as LOUDONCONGREGATIONAL that I didn’t initiate!  Now what?
      • Please Contact Us immediately if you discover an unrecognized charge that appears to be from Loudon Congregational Church.


    • I input the wrong amount when I donated.  Can this be fixed?
      • If you gave a smaller amount than planned, such as $10.00 instead of $100.00, you can make an additional donation (such as $90.00 in this case).
      • If you accidentally gave more than you intended, please Contact Us as soon as you realize it so that we can coordinate with you.  For example, to arrange a charge-back so that you receive the donation amount back in your account and then you can make a donation of the intended amount.  Use to communicate confidentially by e-mail, or call the church office and ask for the “donor info” contact person to assist.


    • How do I give securities, such as stocks, bonds, and mutual funds?
      • Visit the Give Securities page for information on giving via Stock Donator and/or The Signatry.  In many cases, gifts of securities can be given electronically via Stock Donator.