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Soaking prayer:

Soaking prayer music – whether with someone singing or speaking, or just instrumental – is a great way to soak in God’s love and His healing presence and immerse oneself in His Truth as revealed in scripture.

Those with which we are familiar and use regularly include:

  • Julie True offers instrumental soaking music with soothing vocals.
  • Graham Cooke’s soaking collection CDs have teachings accompanied by music for repeated listening and immersing in God’s love and His purposes for you.
  • Nigel Mumford has recorded at least 3 soaking CDs:
    • Only in Silence… Can You Hear the Silence Speak – violin and piano music played in the Spirit extemporaneously during healing services.
    • Relaxation and Healing Prayer – guides through relaxation techniques and has healing prayers, all accompanied by music.
    • The Essence of Soaking Prayer – has spoken prayers for all types of healing, accompanied by music.

Nigel Mumford has also written a short booklet entitled The Practice of Soaking Prayer which includes suggestions for prayer teams offering soaking prayer for individuals or groups.

These and other resources may be purchased via Christian Healing Ministries’ bookstore, supporting this ministry which we highly recommend.



  • Jesus Calling, a daily devotional by Sarah Young.
    Great way to let God speak His love to you!  For each day, there’s a page with a short devotional and corresponding scriptures.
  • Basic Training for Spiritual Combat, by Jay Carty.
    With “It’s Time to Thump the Devil’s Rump” parts 1, 2, and 3!  Focuses on areas of bitterness and anger, sexual temptation, and wrong priorities.  Includes sample prayers.  Also includes a Study Guide for studying together as a group.
  • The Power of a Parent’s Blessing, by Craig Hill.
    It’s not too late to bless your children!  This book contains many sample prayers to release blessings and to break curses.   It also includes a chapter on blessing your parents in older age.
  • Conquering Fear: A Thirty-One Day Guide to Overcoming the Stronghold of Fear, by Dr. Roger L. Frye.
    Freedom from fears, phobias, and worries!  Each chapter includes a sample prayer.


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