The Hardest Holidays?

What are the hardest holidays? For some it’s Christmas without a loved one. For others it might be a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday that reminds them of their loved one’s absence. That absence is often due to death, but may also be due to estrangement, abuse, or neglect.

For pastor Moe Cormier, Father’s Day has been the hardest holiday. Though he’s had 4 fathers, none has been very involved in his life. He has an unknown biological father, an unknown foster father, his adoptive father (his Dad — whom he loved and idolized, but who ceased contact after pastor Moe’s parents divorced), and his step-father, who was emotionally distant and, at times, abusive (and who also abandoned the family after pastor Moe’s mother’s death).

Yes, Father’s Day is really tough for some – even unbearable! And, as a result, many have great difficulty picturing God as “Our Father” and believing that He is actually good!

Is there any hope for such people to come to terms with their past so that the very thought of “father” isn’t incredibly painful?

Or what of those who’ve had a loving dad yet have painful memories? After all, no parent is perfect.

Pastor Moe knows that – yes! – there is hope; there is healing! He received some of that healing through a Christian Healing Ministries (CHM) practice called “A Father’s Blessing”, where another man stood in place of his father and apologized for the damage caused and then blessed him in all aspects of his life. (An example, as well as “A Mother’s Blessing”, is found at the CHM web site, , under “Ministry / Sample Prayers”.)

Both Pastor Moe and his wife Jennifer have completed all 4 levels of Healing Prayer training at, and also served an Internship with, CHM in order to better share with others the healing that God offers. During worship services on Father’s Day, there will be just such a blessing for all in attendance, followed by a time of healing prayer in which anyone may come forward and request healing prayer for a particular need, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual.

Gathering as a church to worship God is not about being “good enough” — for surely no-one is — it’s about accepting God’s goodness and Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross for our sins. Jesus said that the one who is forgiven much, loves much. No one is too far gone to receive God’s grace and healing. If you’ve never been to church, or haven’t been in a long time, we invite you to begin attending any of the churches here in Loudon, or wherever you live.

If you’re interested in receiving A Father’s Blessing, join us for worship on the third Sunday of June (Father’s Day)!