Beginning the Journey

We’re on this journey of faith together.
What does that mean, really? And how do we go about it?

It means that we have a relationship with God, and relationships with others. Some people may hate us, but God sends His Holy Spirit to help us. And God commissions us to tell others about what a difference He is making in our lives.

The Bible tells us how Jesus – God our Savior – explained this to His disciples – those who followed Him – in John chapter 15. You can read the full chapter in your own Bible or at Or listen to it online using BibleGateway’s audio.

Don’t worry if it seems hard to understand. We’re only human, after all, and it takes time to understand God’s word to us, just like it takes time for children to learn from their parents. We’ll explain some of what we’ve learned on the following pages.

  • Becoming God’s Friend, and Nurturing God’s Friendship
  • Loving Others
  • Being Persecuted (per-se-what?)
  • Our Advocate, The Holy Spirit
  • Sharing the Good News

Sorry, these pages are still being written!