God Loves You

God loves you more than you can possibly imagine. Yes, you! You are not an accident. God has a special plan for your life …

God Offers Freedom

Jesus died on a cross to set you free! Free from addiction, anxiety, and depression. Free from physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual issues of all kinds.

God Still Wants You

Nothing about you, or what you have done, or what has happened to you, disqualifies you from being God’s child and fulfilling His purpose for you. You can choose life. It’s not too late.

How to Accept God’s Offer

How do you accept God’s offer of eternal life — and to know God personally and more fully experience His love in this life? Essentially, you need to …

Beginning the Journey

Steps to take … disciplines that help …

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Now What? It’s Not Working!

It’s a journey. Satan doesn’t want you to be free, and changing thought patterns takes time. Often curses and inner vows need to be broken, too.

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