Testimonies to God’s goodness and faithfulness!

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One church, many members

We don’t often cancel worship services, but we did on January 20th (2019) due to a bad snow storm. When we arrived at the church on Tuesday (January 22nd) for the regularly scheduled prayer meeting, we discovered a flood in the basement — a furnace valve had given out during the extended cold snap. We… Read more “One church, many members”


Jesus is with us!

During the sermon on June 23rd (2019), I saw Jesus standing to the right side of the cross, with His arms open (outstretched). I could see His hair and His robe — both blindingly, bright white — but His face had no features. His message was this: “I’m here. I’m not on the cross. Don’t… Read more “Jesus is with us!”


Re-united after 200 years

Historically there has been “bad blood” between the church in Loudon Center and our church in Loudon Village. But after much prayer and preparation, the congregations joined together on two consecutive Sunday mornings for Worship Services focused on unity and reconciliation. First, on August 13, 2017, in recognition of Loudon Old Home Day, we met… Read more “Re-united after 200 years”


God sent faith-builders

Just after 6:30pm on August 2nd (2017) we were preparing to start the weekly prayer meeting; almost all those who usually attend had arrived. We were concerned about how things might go because of some of what had transpired on Sunday. Praying that day about how to approach things, I realized that it’s too much… Read more “God sent faith-builders”