View Donation History

There’s no need to wait for the year-end statement to be sent to view your donation record.  It’s available online for donations made in person, by mail, and online!

Answers to some frequently asked questions:

    • How do I view my donation history?
      • Create an account as noted below. Once we match your account with your profile (which happens automatically if we already have your e-mail address in our system), then you can log in to MEMBER ACCESS and view your donation history.


    • How do I create an account?
      • If you don’t yet have an account, or have forgotten your login credentials (e-mail address and passcode),
        • use the green Member Access button above to access the site.
        • enter your e-mail address and click on the “I do not know my Passcode, or I do not have a Passcode” link.
        • Follow the instructions (currently to “Enter the numbers you see”) and then click on the Submit button.
        • Check your e-mail for a message from ChurchTrac Support with your new church online access passcode.
        • Now you have an account!  Use your e-mail address and the passcode you just received to login.
          • Note that you may choose to change your access passcode for security.  This option is available from the Member Access site via the Settings button (it looks like a gear (a circle with short lines sticking out of it) and is between the “Online Giving” link and the “Sign Out” link at the top).


    • Does the online donation history only include online donations?
      • No, the online donation history includes all donations recorded to date, whether made online, in person, by mail, etc.
        • Please allow some time for offline donations to be manually entered into the system.


    • How long will it take for my donation to appear in the online donation history?
      • Online donations are automatically included once the donation is processed.
        • This is usually quite quick for donations by credit and debit card.
        • For ACH donations from a checking account, it may take longer, but should be done in less than 2 weeks.  (Annoyingly, even after money is withdrawn from your checking account, it may still be considered “in process” and take some time to appear in your donation history and post to our bank account.)
      • Donations received through the mail or in the collection plate are first transcribed and deposited, and later entered in the online system when a volunteer’s time allows.  Sometimes it’s later that day, other times it could be a few weeks.
      • Non-cash donations of items are handled similarly and entered when a volunteer’s time allows.


  • One of my donations seems to be missing.  What should I do?
    • Please do not hesitate to Contact Us and inquire.  In particular, you might want to confirm:
      • A check you sent by mail was received.
      • A note has been made so that your non-cash gifts can be recorded.
    • Unfortunately, loose cash placed in an offering plate cannot be assigned to your record after-the-fact.  Please place loose cash in an envelope with your name, or give by check, to have your contributions listed in your donation history.